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Experts in the fields of pediatric medicine, psychology, and parenting have all contributed to make this site a valuable resource for parents.

Stacey H. Rubin

Stacey is a nurse, lactation consultant, and author of the popular ‘ABC’s of Breastfeeding‘. She has worked with countless babies and mothers to prevent and resolve breastfeeding problems. She lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with her husband and 2 young children.

Judy Arnall
Parenting Expert

Judy is a published author, speaker, and Founder of Attachment Parenting Canada. Judy has made numerous TV appearances and has been interviewed for magazines such as Today’s Parent, the Globe and Mail, and Chatelaine. Judy lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Daniel Brennan

Dr. Brennan is a board certified Pediatrician and Certified Lactation Counsellor, and works out of the Cottage Children’s Hospital in Santa Barbara, CA. Dr. Brennan is also a health care columnist and proud father of two boys.

Wendy Hall
PhD, Sleep Expert

Dr. Hall is a full time professor and researcher at the University of British Columbia, with special interests in maternal and child health, and infant growth and development. Dr. Hall has written numerous articles for The Fussy baby Site on fussy babies and sleep.

Elizabeth Lombardo

Besides being a Psychologist, Physical Therapist, and mother to 2 daughters, Dr. Lombardo is a professional speaker, writer, and expert on controlling stress. She writes not only from her professional experience dealing with families of colicky infants, but also from her own experience with a fussy baby.

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