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Jeni’s Story: Breastfeeding the Fussy Baby

Jeni’s Story: Breastfeeding the Fussy Baby

[ 10 ] 9:46 am |

Breastfeeding a fussy baby is emotionally taxing because you don’t feel as if you can ever be away from her for more than an hour (or ten minutes in my case). As her only source of nourishment, I felt shackled to this screaming person in a way that my husband didn’t.

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Jeni’s Story: Survival is the Only Option

[ 4 ] 6:19 am |

I distinctly remember standing in my friend Christina’s backyard, swaying back and forth as a three-month-old Ella slept, head slumped against my shoulder after having cried her way through the entire afternoon barbecue. Christina, childless at the time and blind to the universe of the fussy baby, looked at me and said, “Oh good. She […]

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