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A Conversation on Perinatal Imprinting

Aside from the medical and developmental scales we use to understand babies, there is a language we can learn that lets us decode exactly what babies are telling us. They have a stealth language that

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Heather’s Story: Having a Baby That Never Slept

I think this is an important story to share with you. Many of the personal stories we post on the blog follow a few predictable patterns: A baby suddenly becomes fussy at 2 weeks of age (colic), a colicky

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Do You Have a Village?

Do you have a village? Is it your your mother, your sister, your moms group, your neighbor? Or maybe your best friend? I am a few years removed now from my fussy and colicky newborns. But I am never removed

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Giving PC Diapers a Try: A Review

When I decided to test out PC Diapers I was skeptical. In general, when it comes to diapers, I do not like store brands at all. I’ve had some pretty bad luck with diapers, and given that my wonderful

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Christine’s Story: When 1 + 1 is the Loneliest Number of All

  6pm. Walking frantically around the neighbourhood with my screaming 4 week old baby. Trying to ignore people on the streets giving me looks that say “is she murdering that baby?”. Texting

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…Then I Guess I’m a Bad Parent

Maybe it’s because I had fussy babies, and anything that worked was worth doing. Or maybe I’m missing the gene that is supposed to make me care about what other people think, but when it comes to

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The Green Eyed Monster

I had two disagreeable newborns. Neither were the kind of babies who could nap anywhere or go anywhere or be amenable to whatever situation they found themselves in. They hated the car, they hated being

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Amy’s Story: “Doing it all Wrong”

Conceived during Hurricane Irene and born during a major thunderstorm, my little Zoe seemed destined to have a tumultuous babyhood. The pain she gave me in the womb from her seemingly super-strength kickboxing

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Is this thing on?

Whenever I start up a conversation with a random mom and they mention that they had such a good first baby, but that their second one is much more difficult, I immediately tell them about The Fussy Baby

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Christine’s Story: Running on Fumes

My 10-month-old baby girl is bad sleeper. A terrible sleeper, in fact. For various reasons, such as reflux, gas and, probably by now, behavioural training, E is a baby who, quite frequently, likes to party

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