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An Open Letter To Partners of High Needs Babies’ Mothers

Dear Guys, It’s not just her. We’re all like that. Mommies are biologically wired to respond to our babies’ needs. Crying is the only way they have to communicate with us, and when they

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Amber’s Story: Feelings of Failure with a High Need Baby

The last thing I ever expected in life was to have a high need baby. I already had 2 gorgeous girls who were unusually happy and content so when I became pregnant with our 3rd child, my little Zachary,

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Why It’s Not “Just” Colic or Fussiness

I loved Sophie’s last post on how parents of fussy, colicky or high need kids are part of an exclusive club. Without having thought of it in those terms before, that’s exactly what it’s like: The

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Rhonda’s Story: How We’ve Survived a High Need Child

In 2008, my husband and I received into the world what would be a compendium of baby experiences to test our patience and our marriage. Kayah was born in May, 2008, in all of her red-headed screaming glory.

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How My Marriage Survived Colic

Sometimes I really wonder how we made it through. Sometimes I look back on those days and wonder how I managed to come out on the other side with my sanity and my marriage intact. But here we are, 2.5

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