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Is Your Baby High Needs….Or Just Overtired?

There’s one thing harder than a high need baby: an overtired high need baby! As you already know, high need babies tend to exhibit some characteristics that can be particularly draining for their

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Is Your Child Desperately Overtired? Overcoming a Sleep Deficit With a High Needs Child

By Diana Julian, certified child sleep consultant and owner of Big Sky Lullaby Sleep Consulting If you are a parent of a high need child, I don’t have to tell you that when your child is tired their

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Preparing your Child for Daylight Savings: A Quick Guide

Remember before you had children when gaining an hour was such a luxury? Not so when it leads to overtired, cranky little ones and 5 a.m. wakeup calls. Don’t panic parents! Here are some tips to help

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Baby Not Sleeping? Just Breathe. It Gets Better!

As a sleep coach and postpartum doula, I thought motherhood would be so much easier for me than for the average mom (pausing for your laughter…). Every day, I supported parents through the transition

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The Colic Agenda

From the moment Tyler was out of the womb he had his own ideas, and we soon found that us even trying to do things the way that we had planned was just not going to work. It became such a frustrating time

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