Real Life Advice To Help You Survive (and Thrive) With A Fussy Baby

10 years ago, I was exactly where you are now.

My second child came out screaming, and wouldn’t stop. He slept in 45-minute bursts, had troubles feeding, and cried and screamed the entire time he was awake (which was most of the time).

Holly Klaassen and family

My little family now

I had heard of colic, but I had no idea babies could be THIS fussy.

Saying we were exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated would be an understatement. Our lives became about survival at that point, just trying to get through each day in one piece.

Gradually, his fussiness improved, and he started having moments of contentedness. However, it became clear to us that he was never going to be an “easy” baby.

It seemed like everyone around us was loving parenthood; and yet here we were, hanging on by a thread.

Did everyone else have it all together? What were we doing wrong? Why was our child SO incredibly fussy? Would life ever get easier?

I bet you’ve had some of these same thoughts. It took me many months (and years, in some cases) to be able to answer these questions. In the meantime, I struggled with knowing how I was supposed to parent this extra-sensitive, super-intense little guy.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

I’ve been running The Fussy Baby Site since 2007, when Sammy was just 5 months old. In that time, I’ve written countless blog posts (both on this site and for Huffington Post), have met or interviewed most of the leading experts in the field, an
d have walked alongside thousands of parents of fussy and high need kids in our private support groups (with almost 20,000 members at last count).

All this to say: I know what you’re going through!The Fussy Baby Survival Guide

I know the thoughts and feelings that likely plague you, including:

There are a number of possible scenarios that may have brought you to this page and site.

A fussy or colicky newborn: Maybe you have a newborn whose been diagnosed with colic, and who is wearing you down! Your baby may have periods of calm during the day, but most likely has moments (hours!) of unexplained crying and screaming. You worry that there might be something else wrong with him, and would give ANYTHING to know how to soothe him.

A “high need” baby: Maybe you have an older baby who has outgrown the colic (or who never had it in the first place), but who is still really fussy much of the time. Maybe she still wakes up frequently at night, needs tons of distraction and holding all day long, and just generally seems to be unhappy with life.

A “spirited” toddler: It could also be that you have a toddler (or even preschooler) who was a fussy baby, and who is still giving you a run for your money. Sleep, tantrums and discipline are likely among your top concerns, and you wonder….will this ever end?? Will my child ever become happy, settled and EASY, or are we destined to deal with this for the rest of our lives?

Are you feeling hopeless that your situation will ever improve?

If I had to guess, I’d say you likely feel like there’s no hope of getting real advice for your situation, because:

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. Because I understand exactly where you’re coming from, I decided to compile all the knowledge, strategies and advice I could think of with regards to fussy, colicky and high need kids (0-5 years old) into one easy-to-read, extremely practical handbook: The Fussy Baby Survival Guide – Practical Strategies For Parenting a Fussy, Colicky or High Need Child. 

The Fussy Baby Survival Guide: Parent Your High Need Child With Confidence!

The Fussy Baby Survival Guide Ebook cover

This 112-page ebook covers every issue I would have wanted to know about 10 years ago, including:

I know you’re probably sleep-deprived, possibly anxious or depressed, and/or at the end of your rope. That’s why this handbook is written in easy-to-understand language, and offers tons of practical tips and personal stories from parents who have been exactly where you are today.

Thank you Holly for writing your book! I’ve read Dr Sears’ book on high needs babies, but now that my daughter is a toddler, I am starting to feel completely lost again. But I’m on the first chapter of your new book and already crying with relief. I feel understood. I don’t feel so alone. Bless you for all of the support you provide all of us! – Joshlyn

It also reveals the results of two surveys I did of over 2,000 parents of high need babies, to get answers to questions like: Could my stressful pregnancy or labor have made my child high need? Does type of birth impact how fussy a baby will be? Do high need babies become “bad” toddlers? What are the most effective methods for dealing with tantrums? What are the most effective sleep training methods for high need babies?
Fussy Baby Survival Guide TOCscreen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-03-46-pm

The Fussy Baby Survival Guide: Table of Contents

When you purchase this ebook, you’ll get immediate access to:

I’ve poured my heart into this book. If I could sit down with each of you over a cup of coffee, these are the ideas, tips and advice I’d share with you.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-1-20-21-pmBut if – for any reason – you don’t find value in this book, just send me an email and I’ll give you a 100% refund within 7 days, no questions asked. I’m that confident that you’ll find it useful, practical and reassuring!

Buy now for just $12 USD by clicking on one of the links below, and start THRIVING with your fussy baby…not just surviving!


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“Holly knows high need babies. I have worked with Holly in the field of temperament and she has willingly put many dedicated hours into providing support and public awareness of this topic. I highly recommend her as a source of information and support to any parent struggling with a fussy, high need or spirited child.” – Judy Arnall, author of Discipline Without Distress and President of Attachment Parenting Canada. 

“Holly is a high-need baby’s parent’s best friend. She “gets” us because she’s been in the trenches as a parent of a high-need, colicky baby, she’s done the research, and she genuinely cares about high-need babies and their families and spreading awareness so that others don’t have to go through this alone. The communities she’s created have been such a great resource—when I found them, it was like finding a light in tunnel. It’s been such a comfort and such a help knowing there are thousands of parents out there with kids like mine, who are struggling, or wondering, or just trying their best. Even though my high-need baby is now “just” a spirited preschooler, the support and the information Holly has made possible is still just as valuable and meaningful as it was two and a half years ago.” – Angela

“Holly Klaassen is a pioneer in the high-need baby community. She has created a support network that has helped countless parents, including myself, better understand their babies’ temperament and not feel alone. I highly recommend her book because her compassion, dedication and expertise are incomparable.” – Naomi