Days and Nights Mixed Up

We’re finding ‘nighttime’ parenting extremely challenging and draining. Our 4 week old daughter still seems to have her days and nights mixed up. She is going to bed around midnight, and getting up many times throughout the night (4-6 times between 12 and 7).

During the day she takes 2-3 long naps of 2-3 hours. I tend to catch up on my sleep during the day, but my husband works and needs to start getting some uninterrupted sleep at night. Is there anything we can do to help her sleep more at night?

During the day, play with your daughter and stimulate her as much as you can. Even if she is sound asleep, wake her about every three hours for feedings. Keep the light levels in her room high during the day time and have the usual day time noises in the household.

During the night, keep your interaction with her to a minimum. Make it clear that the night time will involve feeding but no play or interaction. Do not turn on the light and keep the room dark. Only use a dim night light or a light in the hall. Be quiet and soothing with minimal stimulation. Move very slowly and deliberately.

Answers by sleep expert, Dr. Wendy Hall, PhD. Should you need individualized help or advice regarding your baby’s sleep, please consult an infant sleep consultant.