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Preparing your Child for Daylight Savings: A Quick Guide

Remember before you had children when gaining an hour was such a luxury? Not so when it leads to overtired, cranky little ones and 5 a.m. wakeup calls. Don’t panic parents! Here are some tips to help

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Baby Not Sleeping? Just Breathe. It Gets Better!

As a sleep coach and postpartum doula, I thought motherhood would be so much easier for me than for the average mom (pausing for your laughter…). Every day, I supported parents through the transition

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5 Common Childhood Sleep Myths Debunked

When baby isn’t sleeping, you may be willing to try anything to get those little eyes to close. And while well-meaning friends and family always have their best advice handy, many parents compound the

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Transitioning to One Nap – Winning the Dreaded Nap Battle

So you sleep-trained your baby and thought your sleep troubles were behind you. Then it happens – the dreaded nap battles. Does one of these scenarios sound familiar? Your child takes an hour to

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Baby Cries All Day: Is it Possible to Have All-Day Colic?

It it possible to have all-day colic? If not, why does my baby cry all day? Prior to having kids, you might have imagined parenthood something like this:  You bring your baby home from the hospital,

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