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Baby Cries All Day

Have you found this site by googling, ‘Baby cries all day‘?baby crying all day

Do any of the following apply to your baby?

  • When he’s awake, he’s crying (or screaming)
  • She needs constant attention, holding, or entertainment
  • People call him grumpy, cranky, or difficult
  • She appears to be uncomfortable or in pain much of the time
  • He has difficulty sleeping and possibly feeding
  • She may be past the typical ‘colic’ stage (3-4 months) but is still very fussy.

While it’s extremely difficult to have a baby who cries all day, rest assured that you’re not the only one who’s gone through this!

Read personal stories from parents to see how others deal with a very fussy baby.

While you’ve likely heard of colic, ‘colicky’ babies don’t tend to cry all time. Colic crying typically takes place in the evening hours (this is why the time after dinner is often termed the ‘witching hour’).

If your baby cries all day however, you may wish your baby ‘only’ had colic!

The High Need Baby

Babies who have a pattern of fussiness and crying (or even intense screaming) throughout the entire day may meet the characteristics of the high need baby.

This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your baby! Some babies seem to need more attention, more stimulation, more movement, and more soothing than others.

High need is simply a way of describing a set of characteristics common to these babies. It is typically believed that some babies simply have more sensitive temperaments, and these characteristics are early signs of this temperament.

The good news is that high need babies turn out to be wonderful, independent toddlers and children…they just require a more flexible and hands-on parenting approach.

See the Complete High Need Baby Resource Guide for more info.