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Sierra’s Story: Colic and Chiropractic

I have been on this site for a couple weeks now, reading all your posts and comments about all your sweet babies and how they are high needs, fussy, colicky, acid reflux, etc. I have read through all

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Colic Relief: 17 Ways to Calm Colic

Colic stinks. There’s not too much more I can say about that. When your baby has colic, you’re willing to try anything and everything to stop the crying and soothe your baby. Following are

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40 Fussy Baby Soothing Techniques: The Complete Guide

When your fussy baby won’t stop crying and you feel like you’re going to LOSE IT, it can be helpful to have a list of soothing techniques you can try. Most of us end up getting stuck using

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Disturbing Vintage Baby Ads: Remedies for Colic, Gas and Other Baby Ailments

It’s hard to believe, but the following are real vintage ads for remedies for common baby ailments like colic, gas (wind), teething, rash and colds. Disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe

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This is Not the Child I Dreamt of

High need babies are known to ‘live out loud’. These are the babies who will let you know their displeasure the very moment their poop hits the diaper, or the second they feel their first twinge of

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Renae’s Story: The Power of Gratitude

A precious baby boy dies from complications of acute myeloid leukemia. Two days prior, he served as the best man in his parents’ wedding. The story, which likely would have brought me to tears prior

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A Conversation on Perinatal Imprinting

Aside from the medical and developmental scales we use to understand babies, there is a language we can learn that lets us decode exactly what babies are telling us. They have a stealth language that

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Ann’s Story: Not What I Expected

My husband I decided we were open to the idea of having a child of our own after a trip to the Shedd Aquarium with our three year old niece. She had a wonderful time looking at the fish, waited patiently

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Melissa’s Story: A High Need Baby After Infertility

My husband and I turned to a fertility specialist in order to conceive our daughter. It was a heartbreaking time when all I wanted was to get pregnant and I just couldn’t. Finally, though, we conceived.

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Amber’s Story: Feelings of Failure with a High Need Baby

The last thing I ever expected in life was to have a high need baby. I already had 2 gorgeous girls who were unusually happy and content so when I became pregnant with our 3rd child, my little Zachary,

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