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The Green Eyed Monster

I had two disagreeable newborns. Neither were the kind of babies who could nap anywhere or go anywhere or be amenable to whatever situation they found themselves in. They hated the car, they hated being

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Why It’s Not “Just” Colic or Fussiness

I loved Sophie’s last post on how parents of fussy, colicky or high need kids are part of an exclusive club. Without having thought of it in those terms before, that’s exactly what it’s like: The

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Best Swaddle Blankets

I don’t know about you, but for me, there are 2 critical elements to a good swaddle blanket. These are non-negotiable, and I won’t waste my money on a swaddle blanket that doesn’t meet

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The Happiest Baby on the Block Review

I vividly remember discovering The Happiest Baby on the Block when Sammy was a newborn. Up to that point, we didn’t have any particular soothing routine that worked consistently with him (or really,

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Kristin’s Story: “My Son’s Colic and High Needs Contributed to My Postpartum Depression”

My seven-month-old son, C, looked at me and cried. He wanted me to interact with him constantly, and I just didn’t have the energy. I didn’t have much energy anymore. It seemed like my energy was being

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Soo Jin’s Story

In May 2010, the worst and yet best thing ever happened to our family of two (the Mister and me). I got pregnant. Unexpectedly, unplanned, without maternity insurance. My husband was a graduate student.

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Baby Cries All Day

Have you found this site by googling, ‘Baby cries all day‘? Do any of the following apply to your baby? When he’s awake, he’s crying (or screaming) She needs constant attention,

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The Colic Agenda

From the moment Tyler was out of the womb he had his own ideas, and we soon found that us even trying to do things the way that we had planned was just not going to work. It became such a frustrating time

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Looking Back on Colic

I find it somewhat therapeutic to revisit some of the horrific memories from the past 7 months. Adjusting to mommyhood was tough for me and on top of that, Greta was/is not an “easy” baby. Yes,

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Home Remedies for Colic

If you’ve read my blogs on this site before, you know I’m a little on the crunchy side. I’m also a 4-Star Fussy Baby Veteran with Purple Tear award. Really, don’t you wish there were such an award?

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