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High Need Baby Survey Results [Free Report]

Earlier this year, over 1,400 of our parents participated in a survey on The Fussy Baby Site. I wanted to get answers to questions like: Does having a stressful pregnancy or labor result in having a high

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Our High Need Journey: Kelly’s Story

Lillian was born full of personality.  I didn’t get to spend a whole bunch of time with her before she was whisked off to NICU, but in the time spent with her she was quick to reveal some of her

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An Open Letter To Partners of High Needs Babies’ Mothers

Dear Guys, It’s not just her. We’re all like that. Mommies are biologically wired to respond to our babies’ needs. Crying is the only way they have to communicate with us, and when they

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Solving the Mystery of The High Needs Puzzle

I’ve heard several people refer to “the high needs puzzle”, and it’s a term I’m growing to use and love more and more. Too often, we’re told that there is one, singular

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Chrissy’s Story: Colic, Guilt and Postpartum Depression

My story starts before my little girl was born. Man, she was a character even in my belly. She was ALWAYS moving in there! And boy, did she give my ribs and bladder a work out; being so petite (she was

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Is Your Child Desperately Overtired? Overcoming a Sleep Deficit With a High Needs Child

By Diana Julian, certified child sleep consultant and owner of Big Sky Lullaby Sleep Consulting If you are a parent of a high need child, I don’t have to tell you that when your child is tired their

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The Gift of the Not-So-Easy Baby

“It’s not walking away when a mirror is held up in front of you and you see how much you are ruled by the expectations of society instead of what your desires are and the needs of your family.” A

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Is My Baby Colicky or High Needs?

One of the tricky parts of running this site is constantly trying not to scare new parents into thinking their colicky baby is going to turn into a ‘high need’ baby! If you’re new to

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The Myth Of “You Made Him That Way”

Do you ever wonder if you caused your baby’s fussiness or high need behaviours? If so, you’re not alone. When you see other people’s babies sitting contentedly in the stroller, or sleeping

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Merry Christmas to Us!!! Rock ‘n Play Has Gone Automated

Someone on our Facebook group shared this today with the caption: Oh Joy to the World! 🙂 I couldn’t wait to share it with you. This is perhaps the most popular product used around these parts

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