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Temperament and Fussiness: When Do I Know if My Child is Spirited?

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of the book, Raising Your Spirited Child, first coined the term ‘spirited child’ over 20 years ago. Being careful not to slap labels on kids (especially babies), she

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Getting Things Done with a Fussy Baby

It was a hot June day and I had half the fence painted. It was my summer project and I was trying to get it done before the birth of my first son. Labour began and he was born. For the next couple of weeks,

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Sleep and Fussy Babies

Many parents of fussy babies complain that their little ones are unpredictable when it comes to sleep. In fact, sleep issues are one of the most common problems brought up by members of our Facebook support

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Your 8 month old has been cranky all day, gnawing on everything in sight, and refuses to eat. Her gums look a little swollen, and you’re holding out hope that a new tooth is the cause of your little

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How to Soothe a Crying Baby

By Judy Arnall, Founder of Attachment Parenting Canada It’s 8pm and your baby won’t stop crying. You’ve checked for signs of illness, and she seems healthy. She’s just not happy and you are desperate

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Coping with the Stress of Colic

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., M.S., P.T Hormones, sleep deprivation, recovering from delivery, being responsible for the life of your beautiful new baby…There are many reasons for emotional distress for

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