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How to Get Things Done With a High Need Baby or Toddler

High need babies and toddlers are notorious for needing lots of help to stay entertained. When my (not as high need) daughter was a baby, she could sit for up to an hour quietly looking at books. Sammy?

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Just the Way He Is

When Sam was 4 months old, I remember writing a blog post titled Just the Way He Is on my now-defunct blog. The magical 12-16 week mark had passed, and yet the crying and fussing continued. We had been

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Holly’s Story: Life with a Spirited Child

The first 4 months of my son’s life were filled with disappointments for me. Nothing had gone the way it was ‘supposed’ to go. My first child was not an easy baby; healthy and cute,

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Fussy Toddler

Fussiness and crankiness are definitely not traits reserved for babies. There are many reasons why a toddler may be fussy, and as many toddlers are not yet verbal, it can be difficult to figure out the

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Picky Eater

We have an extremely picky eater on our hands! Our 10 month old has a few favorite solid foods, and will not deviate from those. When we try to give her anything even remotely healthy (particularly veggies),

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Temper Tantrums

Although this site focuses largely on infants 0-12 months old, I wanted to touch briefly on tantrums in toddlers and older children. If a ‘fussy baby’ grows into a spirited or just plain persistent

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Characteristics of The Spirited Child

About 20% of all babies born have temperament traits of a fussy or high need, or what we call a spirited child. Spirited children share many of the characteristics you will find below. They require extra

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Temperament and Fussiness: When Do I Know if My Child is Spirited?

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of the book, Raising Your Spirited Child, first coined the term ‘spirited child’ over 20 years ago. Being careful not to slap labels on kids (especially babies), she

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Getting Things Done with a Fussy Baby

It was a hot June day and I had half the fence painted. It was my summer project and I was trying to get it done before the birth of my first son. Labour began and he was born. For the next couple of weeks,

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