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Create the Ideal Bedtime Routine For Your High Need Baby or Toddler

Bedtime routines – I’m sure you’ve heard of them and probably already use some type of routine with your high need baby before bed.

Your bedtime routine consists of all the activities you typically do in the hour or so leading up to bedtime.

What you do in this critical hour can make all the difference in how your high need baby sleeps!

Now, a routine in and of itself will not necessarily solve all your child’s sleep problems. However, at times simply implementing and consistently carrying out the right routine can have a HUGE impact on the quality of your child’s sleep.

In fact, research shows that having a solid sleep bedtime routine is associated with:

  • Having an earlier bedtime
  • Falling asleep more quickly
  • Fewer night wakings
  • Better behavior during the day (which is a HUGE thing with high need babies and toddlers!)
  • Longer nighttime sleep
  • Improved mood in mothers (no kidding!)

Yes, you read this right – simply having a predictable bedtime routine can actually improve sleep dramatically…even WITHOUT any type of formal sleep training.

This is why I recommend ALL parents of high need babies and toddlers have a bedtime and naptime routine…especially if you aren’t planning on doing any formal sleep training, OR before you start any type of sleep training.

A solid routine is at the heart of good sleep for any baby or toddler – but is especially critical for high need babies and toddlers.

The Ideal Bedtime Routine for Your High Need Baby or Toddler (pdf) is a compilation of everything I’ve learned about routines from working with thousands of parents of high need babies, from reading and completing almost every sleep training book and program out there, and from delving into the latest academic research on both high need babies and sleep.

Here’s what one mom had to say after reading and implementing the strategies in this guide:

Getting Emily to sleep at bedtime is so much easier and calmer, and I actually enjoy bedtimes now. During the day I recognise the difference between tired and overtired cues.

The last 2-3 nights she’s in bed asleep by 8pm at the latest, and we don’t get up until between 5:30 and 7am. During the night she has a few little disturbances where she needs to be patted back to sleep or have a bit of her bottle or have her dummy back in and then she goes back to sleep.

The best thing for me has been being able to finally bring my other two girls back in to bedtime routine. We used to watch a movie every night all snuggled in my bed because it was a perfect way to wind down for the night, and bedtime has been so bad with Emily that I wasn’t able to do it for so long. That alone means more to me than a good night’s sleep ever will.  – Alison Bibby

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I look forward to helping you with this first all-important step toward good sleep for your family!


photo credit: donnierayjones Sleeping Reese via photopin (license)