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Saying Good-Bye to Sleep Crutches

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What would you do if I told you that in order for your baby to be the BEST sleeper and to get those nice long nights sleeps and daytime naps that the soother has to go in the garbage can?

Or that you can no longer breastfeed your baby until he/she is asleep and then transfer them to the crib?

Of that driving around in the car at 2 am to get your baby to sleep is not going to happen anymore?

Does panic set in?

Are you thinking “there is NO WAY MY BABY WILL EVER SLEEP IF I CAN’T DO THIS!”

Well I hope I can offer you some comfort in knowing that most clients I work with feel this way and are often so pleasantly surprised that those nasty habits become a thing of the past pretty darn quick and without much grief.

When your baby or toddler relies on something for sleep it makes it very challenging for them to develop positive, long-term sleep skills.

Picture it: Your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding, and soft lullabies are playing in the background. When they wake (usually 40-45 mins later after their first sleep cycle), the music isn’t playing, and the breast isn’t there to soothe him, your child gets confused and needs those things to get back to sleep.  So you start the cycle all over again.

It is best for your child to not have any dependencies for sleep. A strong sleeper has the ability to self soothe.  When a child is taught and guided properly and in a positive and loving way, the sleep skills will not only be amazing, but they will stick and you won’t find yourself having to go back and “retrain” to break nasty habits again.

Are you ready to give your baby the gift of good sleep?  Ready to trash the soother, the non-stop rocking, bouncing, 1 million bum pat and car driving routine?  It shouldn’t be a scary decision, rather an exciting one. Health is number one and honoring your child’s and yours should be too!

Goodbye props…HELLO sleep!


Janey Reilly, founder and principal of WeeSleep, is a leading professional infant and toddler sleep coach. Janey believes that providing infants and toddlers positive sleep skills in a gentle and guided way will in turn not only create healthier children but healthier and more joyful parents with a more balanced home life.

Find her at or call or email today to get some advice and sleep right away! 289.983.6464

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