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Sierra’s Story: Colic and Chiropractic

Colicky baby at chiropractor

I have been on this site for a couple weeks now, reading all your posts and comments about all your sweet babies and how they are high needs, fussy, colicky, acid reflux, etc. I have read through all the things you do or have done to see if there’s something else I can try for my baby.

I myself am a mom to a 2 month old baby boy who has been in and out of children hospitals, doctors and specialist offices to figure out what’s wrong. He has had every xray, scan, sonogram, spinal tap, blood work, cultures, testing and any and everything under the sun that could possibly explain what’s going on with him.

I breastfed (still do), but have tried 7 different formulas (every one suggested online by doctors or from other mothers).

I have done rice and even oatmeal too.

He has been on probiotics, multi vitamins, levasine for irritability, colic calm, gripe water, gerber soothe, Zantac and now the highest possible dose of prevacid.

And I’m telling you, not a single thing is working! Not one!

He screams and cries in pain and discomfort 98% of the time and he can’t be consoled. I am beyond stressed and overwhelmed. It is exhausting to say the least.

So, after being the kind of mother to research any and every website, blog, and mom’s page possible (because I wasn’t satisfied with the dozen different doctors’ opinions), I chose my way.

I do and have done it all… except one...taking my baby to the chiropractor.

I knew the chiropractor has done wonders on me with regards to pain. He even turned my son from breech to head down in one visit at 37 weeks pregnant (woot! woot!).

However, I was a little skeptical since my baby was so young. But I was completely willing to do anything to help him feel better and for our family to keep our sanity.

I took him to the chiropractor this morning, and oh my goodness. I’m not kidding –  life changing.

I have a new baby!

I came home, fed him straight from the breast (full and engorged at that) and not once did he throw up. My son is a projectile multiple time puker and he didn’t throw up a single drop!

He burped 2 huge burps and I laid him in his swing, and he sat there looking around for 30 minutes without a sound.

I took a shower till the hot water ran out! I came out and he was just chilling.

Then without a pacifier or me holding him or being swaddled he put himself to sleep! HOLY COW!

He woke up from the dog barking, stirred a little, and then went back to sleep without a peep. Y’all, this doesn’t happen for my child! Seriously!

Oh and did I mention he’s still sleeping? Cause let’s be real, there’s no way in hell I’d be sitting here typing this novel if he was awake.

But oh my gosh my son is relieved. He’s happy and smiling in his sleep. It’s been 2 hours so far in this nap. I am mind blown! I highly highly recommend you looking into this for your sweet babies. It’s totally worth just trying.

My chiropractor explained to me many doctors slap a name on behaviors like this (like ‘colic’) but so many times it’s not. It’s just an easy solution when they aren’t truly sure what it is. In my son’s case, it’s simply that his nerves were being pressed by bones being out of place, and that threw him all out of whack.

This is why some babies don’t crawl until later than others…their hips are out of place. I mean it goes on and on.

Seriously though, it’s worth it to see if it works on your child.

I am crying with joy and beating myself up for not doing it sooner. If any of you took the time to read this and ends up trying it out….I’d love to hear your success stories on your babies as well.

Good luck! Praying for you all!


*This was originally posted on our Facebook group by Sierra Mason, and is used with permission. Thank you for letting me share your story, Sierra!


Image courtesy of Valentina Powers under CC 2.0

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