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Susan’s Story: A Moment of Perspective

Fussy toddler cuddling with mom

There are times when I have a moment of clarity. Today was one.

After we came back from being out all day I was worn out. I looked at Jacob and thought: This is one of those moments when I wish I could just lay down and relax after being at the park and the easter egg hunt. My legs felt like rubber.

Then I realized it was just me and him, my older kids scattered as soon as we got home. They are older; easter egg hunts with them are ending.

If it wasn’t for Jacob I wouldn’t have to be sorry about my legs hurting, because egg hunts would be over.

There WILL be a day when I won’t need to rest. I will have all the time in the world to rest but no one to tire  me out. I know I will miss that.

I know there are others who are having a hard time like me. We are wishing for that day when it gets easier, and less hectic. We wish for free time to do the chores, shower and unwind.

But after looking at my older kids I realized I missed being needed. I wasn’t important to them anymore, not like I used to be. And I remembered that they DO get older. Time never stands still.

With every one of my kids I wished for the ability to nap! Or sleep in! And eventually I did!

I might have a different baby on my hands and more sleepless nights ahead. But I’m going to have MANY more nights when I wish my child would sit with me at night, or remember to hug me before bed.

Those thoughts will help me through the tough times. My baby boy is going to be 20 weeks tomorrow. In 12 days he will be exactly 5 months. Almost to the halfway point.

At a year he will stop being my “baby” and start down the road of being my little man.

I don’t want to rush that anymore.


*Special thanks to Susan Krulikowski for sharing this story on our private Facebook group. What a beautiful perspective.  Happy Easter Susan 🙂

Image courtesy of Jen SFO-BCN under CC 2.0

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