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What Is A High Need Baby?

This seems like such a simple question, right? If you’ve heard the term before, you’ve probably already assigned a specific meaning to it. You may think of a high need baby or toddler as one

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Is My Baby Colicky or High Needs?

One of the tricky parts of running this site is constantly trying not to scare new parents into thinking their colicky baby is going to turn into a ‘high need’ baby! If you’re new to

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The Most Harmful Misconception About Spirited Kids

I first learned about the term ‘spirited child’ when my Sammy was just about a year old. A friend gave me Mary Sheedy Kurcinka’s excellent book, Raising Your Spirited Child, and I couldn’t

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Is There Really Such a Thing as a High Need Baby?

A common theme among parents who frequent this site and my Facebook page is that family and friends just don’t ‘get’ what it’s like having a fussy baby. They may assume the baby’s

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Fussy Toddler

Fussiness and crankiness are definitely not traits reserved for babies. There are many reasons why a toddler may be fussy, and as many toddlers are not yet verbal, it can be difficult to figure out the

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Characteristics of The Spirited Child

About 20% of all babies born have temperament traits of a fussy or high need, or what we call a spirited child. Spirited children share many of the characteristics you will find below. They require extra

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