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Solving the Mystery of The High Needs Puzzle

I’ve heard several people refer to “the high needs puzzle”, and it’s a term I’m growing to use and love more and more. Too often, we’re told that there is one, singular

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BS Facts About Baby Sleep That Everyone Thinks Are True

Have I already mentioned that I’m a recent first-time auntie? If you know me in real life, I’m sure I’ve already told you several times (and I don’t even care if I know I’ve

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Sometimes It’s About the Less-Bad Option

I keep trying to write this post, and keep deleting it. In fact, I started to write this post over a year ago. This time I’m determined to actually publish it! Here’s why: This post is about….sleep

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Looking Back on Colic

I find it somewhat therapeutic to revisit some of the horrific memories from the past 7 months. Adjusting to mommyhood was tough for me and on top of that, Greta was/is not an “easy” baby. Yes,

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Sleep Strategies for Babies 101

Some of my worst memories from when my kids were babies are related to sleep. I’m pretty sure I have a tiny bit of PTSD from listening to them cry in their cribs and having NO CLUE what to do about

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