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Feeding a Fussy Baby: Causes, Challenges and Solutions

One of the most challenging aspects of having a fussy baby is feeding. Parents of fussy or high need babies often report short, unpredictable and difficult feedings, regardless of whether the baby is

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Colic Relief: 17 Ways to Calm Colic

Colic stinks. There’s not too much more I can say about that. When your baby has colic, you’re willing to try anything and everything to stop the crying and soothe your baby. Following are

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40 Fussy Baby Soothing Techniques: The Complete Guide

When your fussy baby won’t stop crying and you feel like you’re going to LOSE IT, it can be helpful to have a list of soothing techniques you can try. Most of us end up getting stuck using

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Sleep Tips for High Need Kids

By Rebecca Michi, Infant Sleep Consultant When we have a baby we know we’ll be tired, we’ll be getting up a few times a night to feed. But having a high need infant is very different. There can be

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