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DIY Sleep Training Resources for High Need Babies

Let’s get real: hiring a sleep consultant can be expensive. While I personally believe a good sleep consultant (one who knows high need babies) is worth every penny, I know not everyone can swing

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Is Your Child Desperately Overtired? Overcoming a Sleep Deficit With a High Needs Child

By Diana Julian, certified child sleep consultant and owner of Big Sky Lullaby Sleep Consulting If you are a parent of a high need child, I don’t have to tell you that when your child is tired their

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Saying Good-Bye to Sleep Crutches

What would you do if I told you that in order for your baby to be the BEST sleeper and to get those nice long nights sleeps and daytime naps that the soother has to go in the garbage can? Or that you

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Baby Not Sleeping? Just Breathe. It Gets Better!

As a sleep coach and postpartum doula, I thought motherhood would be so much easier for me than for the average mom (pausing for your laughter…). Every day, I supported parents through the transition

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Sleep Tips for High Need Kids

By Rebecca Michi, Infant Sleep Consultant When we have a baby we know we’ll be tired, we’ll be getting up a few times a night to feed. But having a high need infant is very different. There can be

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