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The Great Jacket Fiasco [Video]

I thought I’d share this little diddy from when Sammy was about 3 years old.

I was trying to get him into the routine of hanging his jacket up on his hook every time we came in from being outside. I was determined that this wasn’t too much to ask of him, and I told him, each time, that when his jacket was hung up, we could move on to other activities.

It’s hard to hear in the video, but this video picks up after about 40 minutes of Sammy crawling up the stairs and down the hallway to his room. He so badly didn’t want to hang up his jacket that he feigned injury, falling on the floor. This is why you see him dragging his poor, limp body across the floor.

Nice try buddy!

P.S. My strategy eventually worked! It only took one week with at least one 45 minute tantrum every day 🙂



What’s the worst tantrum your little one’s every had?

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