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How to Thrive with a High Need Child

This challenge is no longer open to new participants…join us next time!

Do you feel like you’re just barely hanging on with your high need baby, toddler or preschooler?

Do you constantly feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or even resentful toward your child?

Do you feel like you’re parenting from the trenches, rather than really ENJOYING your child?

Unfortunately, if you have a high need child, you probably answered “yes” to one (or most likely, all three!) of these questions.

These are the babies who shriek at the slightest bit of frustration or discomfort.

These are the toddlers who melt down at the word “no”…even if you say it as nicely as possible.

These are the preschoolers who continually test the limits, turning everything into a fight.

These kids are NOT easy to parent!

And this can leave their parents – that’s YOU – at a loss for how to parent in a way that respects THEIR temperament while also respecting YOUR need to stay sane!

Join us for a Hands-on, 5-Day Challenge, “How to Thrive with a High Need Child”

This 5-Day email challenge is for you if:

  • You want to appreciate your child for who she IS, rather than who you thought she would be
  • You want to learn WHY your baby, toddler or preschooler is more challenging than other kids
  • You want to have more confidence in how you discipline your child
  • You want to feel a sense of peace about WHO your child, and who she will become as she gets older
  • You’re willing to commit to 10 minutes each day from May 2 – May 6 to complete a parenting worksheet designed to give you confidence as the parent of a high need child


How the challenge works

  1. After signing up for the challenge (below), you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link to confirm you’d like to participate in the challenge.
  2. On Wednesday, May 2 at 7am PST,  you’ll receive an email with your first worksheet. Read the instructions carefully and complete your day’s task.
  3. Come to our Facebook group (either our baby group, or our toddler + group…you’ll get links in your email) and look for our daily challenge post. There you can ask questions about your day’s task, or just talk about how the challenge is going for you so far.

This challenge is no longer open to new participants…join us next time!