The Fussy Baby Site Village is your online community for personalized support and expert advice to help you confidently parent your fussy, high need or
spirited child, ages 0-5.



Your baby or toddler cries, fusses or whines most of the time, no matter what you try...

It feels like everyone else has an "easy" child, while you're hanging on by a thread...

Sleep is a never-ending mystery in your house, and you have no idea what to do...

It feels like everything with your child is a fight, but you don't know how to stop the cycle...

And as if this isn't enough, your friends and family don't seem to understand JUST how hard this is for you!

This is why I've created The Fussy Baby Site Village - a members-only community where you can get support, information and encouragement in all areas of parenting a high need baby, toddler or preschooler....including:

  • Helping your high need baby or toddler sleep...with or without formal sleep training
  • Understanding and dealing with constant crying, whining or fussing
  • Setting realistic boundaries with a high need or spirited toddler or preschooler
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    Coping with and soothing a fussy or colicky newborn
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    Learning why some babies and kids are fussier and more strong-willed than others...and what this means for how you parent them!

What You'll Get WHEN YOU JOIN The Village

​​​​Guides & Worksheets

Get step-by-step help with our practical guides, worksheets, pre-recorded webinars, sleep resources and more.

Sample content: High Need Baby Wake Time Chart, Setting Limits With Your High Need Child Guide and Worksheet, Creating the Perfect Sleep Routine for Your High Need Baby or Toddler.

All My Ebooks

Get all my ebooks...FREE! These normally sell for $12 each, so this alone is worth the price of membership!

Ebooks included: Sleep Training & High Need Babies, The Fussy Baby Survival Guide and Everything You Need to Know About Colic (and Nothing You Don't).

Personalized Support

Connect with other parents and get personalized support from me (Holly) in our secret Facebook group and forum. 

Details: We are here to support you as issues arise with your high need child! Get support from other parents, and I'll regularly check in to the group to answer your questions. I'm only a tag away!

Group Challenges & Q&A's

Parenting a high need child can be overwhelming! Together, we'll tackle specific issues as a group to help you stay motivated.

Coming up in May: Live Q&A "How to help your high need baby sleep", and 5-Day Challenge, "Tackle 5 Issues in 5 Days"...including separation anxiety, excessive screaming and picky eating. 

Special Discounts

Get member-only discounts on products and services I recommend to parents of high need babies and toddlers. 

Discount examples: Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, The Woombie swaddling blanket, Zipadee Zip, High Need Baby Sleep Coaching, Colicease Gripe Water, Babocush


Nicola - Thrive with a High Need Child challenge participant

Janine - Thrive with a High Need Child challenge participant

Holly has great experience dealing with fussy children and has given me the reassurance that I am not alone. Holly helped us to understand my fussy toddler and be able to begin controlling her tantrums. She gave wonderful advice, was very understanding, and more than willing to help us. I would recommend Holly to be of support to you and your little one!

Desiree T Coaching Client


Since starting The Fussy Baby Site back in 2007, I've remained passionate about journeying alongside parents of high need babies and kids. Through the website, I've been able to help millions of exhausted parents...just like you! I've also been a regular contributor to Huffington Post Parents, and have interviewed or collaborated with most of the leading experts on infant fussiness and temperament. Through my graduate studies in child and family development, I'm continually researching and developing new ways of helping parents of these more sensitive, passionate and intense kids (my own "fussy baby" is now 11!). 

Holly Klaassen


Being a part of The Village has helped our night time routine tremendously! Having Holly guide us through the routine and answer our questions changed our routine within a few nights...

Ashley Berning-Beyer Village Member and Sleep Routine challenge participant

Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Emily to sleep at bedtime is so much easier and calmer, and I actually enjoy bedtimes now. The last 2-3 nights she’s in bed asleep by 8pm at the latest, and we don’t get up until between 5:30 and 7am!

Alison Bibby Village Member and Sleep Routine challenge participant


Join now for just $16 USD/month, and get instant access to all my ebooks, guides, worksheets, forum and our secret Facebook group. Parenting a high need baby, toddler or preschooler is hard...but you don't have to do it alone!


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