The Fussy Baby Site Village is your online community for personalized support and expert advice to help you confidently parent your fussy, high need or
spirited child, ages 0-5.


Do you struggle with any of the following?

Crappy Sleep & Naps

Does your baby or toddler fight sleep tooth and nail? Our sleep ebooks, webinars and expert Q&A's will teach you how to tackle your high need child's sleep

​​​​Excessive Crying & Fussing

Do you feel like your baby or toddler cries, fusses or whines more than other kids? Learn proven soothing strategies to soothe and stop the crying, fast. 

Feeling Alone & Isolated

Does it feel like you're the only one with a baby THIS fussy or difficult? Connect with other parents in our secret, secure, members-only Facebook group.

Tantrums & Meltdowns

Does your child lose it over the littlest things? Not sure how to deal with her intense tantrums? Learn how to avoid tantrums and stop them in their tracks. 

Knowing How to Discipline

Does your home feel like a battle ground? Does your child fight you on everything? Learn how to parent a strong-willed toddler without crushing his spirit.

Coping Emotionally

Struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety, irritability or a general lack of patience? Get help and support from our community and expert Q&A's.

The Fussy Baby Site Village is a virtual, members-only community where you'll get the info and support you need to survive and thrive with a difficult, demanding or high need child, 0-5.   


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