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Parents of fussy, colicky or high need babies or toddlers often feel isolated, and have trouble relating to parents who have ‘easy’ kids.

I think this is why one of the most popular features on The Fussy Baby Site are our stories: Personal accounts of life with a fussy baby or toddler.

Personal stories touch us in ways that articles and ‘how to’ guides can’t: They teach us that we’re NOT alone, that things WILL get better, and that we will get through this.

If you would like to share your story on the blog, please use the form below to submit your story in Word format.

Posts should:

  • Be between 400-800 words (a bit longer or shorter is fine)
  • Be written from a first person point of view
  • Include a short (no more than 50 words) bio of yourself
  • Be written in a supportive and inclusive tone
  • May include a link back to your website in the bio (as long as your website is related to the topic)
  • Include a 150×150 picture of yourself (optional)

If your post is chosen for publishing (most are), we will contact you to let you know when it will be posted. We reserve the right to edit posts.

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