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Parent Coaching: Help for Parents of Spirited and Strong-Willed Kids 

Mother and child in park: Parent coaching

Are you struggling with your spirited or strong-willed child? I'm here to help!

Parenting a child who is more sensitive, more persistent and more demanding than other kids is HARD.

You've likely read and tried just about every parenting technique and strategy out there, with little or no success...and as a result, you may feel hopeless that anything will ever change.

Many of the parents I talk to say they go to bed at night feeling utterly defeated - because they know that what they're doing isn't working, but they have no idea what needs to change.

Some of the challenges they face on a daily basis include:

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    Tantrums, meltdowns and BIG, out-of-control emotions. Spirited kids have BIG emotions, which is scary and exhausting for parents AND kids
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     Knowing how to set limits (and which limits to set). ​​It's hard to set limits when your child doesn't seem to listen to you!
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    Whining, crying and screaming....especially when you have to say "no" or "stop"
  • Sleep issues. Spirited kids and "high need babies" are notorious for fighting sleep!
  • Difficulty transitioning from one task or activity to another. Morning and bedtime routines tend to be especially challenging!

Ideas that WORK!

"Having Holly as a resource has been so helpful. She has many simple, easy to implement ideas that WORK! She is easy to work with, and she is incredibly kind and sensitive to the needs of parents with a spirited little one. She also has interesting research and personal experience to back up all of the info she shares. She is positive yet practical, an important combination for working with little ones!"

Kerry M.   //  Coaching Client

But while it's undeniably difficult raising a spirited child, there IS hope! It's true...these kids require different parenting strategies than other kids. But when we parent them with warmth, sensitivity and respect, these kids can truly become most amazing human beings!

I'm Holly Klaassen, MS, BA, and Parent Coach. I'm also the Founder of The Fussy Baby Site, and mom to two big kids, 12 and 15 - one of whom has come out the other side of "spirited".

Holly Klaassen, Spirited Child Parenting Coach

My passion is helping parents of fussy or high need babies and spirited toddlers and preschoolers thrive with their incredible child.

I have a Master of Science in Family & Human Development, and my parenting advice has been featured in major media publications like Parents, Healthy Way, Motherly, Huffington Post, Today's Parent, Romper and others. My Facebook groups for parents of spirited kids of all ages help support over 40,000 parents. 

Wondering What Parent Coaching is All About?

Women at table: parent coaching

Do you ever feel like you really want to talk to someone who truly understands what you're going through with your child?

Someone who can provide support and guidance, offer proven strategies that have worked for other parents, all while walking beside you as you set and meet your parenting goals?

This is a parent coach!

A parent coach is is not a therapist or counsellor. Rather he or she is someone who accompanies you on your parenting journey. 

Parent coaching is focused on the future - on helping you set and meet specific, realistic goals. 

Some specific ways I LOVE helping my coaching clients include:

  • Doing a temperament and skills assessment to figure out what's behind their child's challenging behaviors 
  • Coming up with creative, proactive, and research-based solutions to common you can stop simply reacting to your child's behaviours, and instead have a plan for avoiding them in the first place
  • Helping them decide which limits are important for their family and are therefore non-negotiable...and which ones they can be flexible on (this is different for every family...but there are some general rules we can follow to help you decide what's right for you)
  • Helping them figure out which discipline techniques actually work for their spirited child
  • Setting realistic goals and coming up with actionable strategies for sleep/bedtime, picky eating/mealtime issues, whining, interrupting, screaming, meltdowns, managing transitions, and much more!

I am not alone...

"Holly has great experience dealing with [fussy kids] and has given me the reassurance that I am not alone. Holly helped us to understand my fussy toddler and be able to begin controlling her tantrums. She gave wonderful advice, was very understanding, and more than willing to help us. I would recommend Holly to be of support to you and your little one!"

Desiree T.   //  Coaching Client

We noticed an almost INSTANT "shift"...

Ready to Book a Session?

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What Happens Next?

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    Choose a package above. If you've chosen a coaching option, you'll receive an invoice and email within 24 hours.
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    Complete a form. After receiving payment, I'll have you complete a form so you can let me know exactly what you'd like to work on.
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    Set up a time to meet.  Once I've received your completed form, we will set up a time to meet either in person or via Zoom. 

Parenting a spirited child can feel chaotic and defeating...

Let me help you ENJOY your spirited child!