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7 Moms Tested Colic Gone for Reflux & Colic | Our Review

I get a ton of requests to do product reviews on the blog….at least a few each week. And yet I only do 3-4 each year. This is because I’m only interested in reviewing products that are extremely

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A Possible Treatment Or Cure For Colic?

Could we be getting closer to a treatment or cure for colic? I was interviewed recently for a Huffington Post article, Science Has Maybe Found a Way to Help Colicky Babies (Please, Fingers Crossed). The

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Why I Now Recommend the Graco DreamGlider Swing & Sleeper

  If you’ve been around this site for a while, you’ll probably know that the #1 swing I have always recommended is the Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing. When Sammy was small enough

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Our Review of the Sleepy Stroll

Please note: While we were compensated for writing this post, the words and opinions noted below are 100% our own. We do not accept payment nor publish review posts if our panel of reviewers gives a product

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I Feel Like My Baby Hates Me. Help!

This is the kind of blog post that probably wouldn’t do well on a typical parenting blog. Better blog post titles for mainstream “mommy blogs” might be: Top Reason I Love Being a Mom 7

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New Research: Husbands May Be Key To Reducing Colic

New research published in the journal Child: Care, Health and Development suggests that husbands may play a significant role in whether or not a baby has colic. We’ve known for a long time that

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4 Causes Of Evening Fussiness In Babies (And How To Fix Them)

Evening fussiness was the bane of my existence when my kids were little. I vividly remember that come 5:00, any semblance of peace and order we had achieved during the day went out the window. If this

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You Are Enough

When you have a baby who is rarely happy or content, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It can lead you to start questioning every decision you make, just in case it’s

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Top Products For Fussy Babies [Survey Results]

It’s been estimated that parents spend around $12,000 on baby-related expenses during a child’s first year. Of course, a large chunk of that amount includes formula, diapers and an allotment

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5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Colic

I first encountered colic (briefly) when I was a young teenager. One of my first babysitting jobs involved watching three kids, one of whom had colic. That was a LONG night! My next real encounter was

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