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High Need Baby? Start Here

High need baby flowchart


Breathe In, Breathe Out. Now Read This.

High need babies can make you feel like a really crappy parent. These kids require more work and more patience than other kids, and can make you question and second-guess everything you do. Before you go further in this flow chart, I want you to tell yourself: “I didn’t do anything to make my child high need. I’m doing the best I can. Things WILL get easier.”


Do Quiz: Do You Have A High Need Baby?

Not sure you even have a high need baby? Start here by doing this simple quiz. While no one can tell you for sure whether you have a high need baby, this too will give you a way to start thinking about your child’s temperament and behaviors.


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What’s the difference between colic and “high need”? What’s up with the term “spirited”? How do I know which word best describes my child? What behaviors and characteristics can I expect as my baby reaches 4 months, 1 year, 3 years or more?


Read: Is There Really Such A Thing As A High Need Baby?

If you’ve determined you likely have a high need baby, you might be wondering what “high need” actually is. Is it a diagnosis or something else entirely? Is it just a term someone made up? What does the research say about these babies – if anything? This article answers all these questions and more.


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Being the parent of a high need child can be very isolating. It can feel like everyone else has an “easy” baby, while you’re just barely hanging on. Our Facebook page offers daily encouragement for parents of high need babies, as well as links and resources you can share with family and friends (who may not otherwise understand what you’re dealing with!).


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Having a safe, supportive place to vent, share and ask questions can be a lifesaver when you have a high need baby. Our private Facebook support group is a 100% judgment-free, drama-free space where you can connect with other parents of high need babies. We also have private support groups for parents of high need toddlers & preschoolers and a brand new group just for dads!


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12 Features Of The High Need Baby: The must-read article by the doctor who coined the phrase “high need baby”

Characteristics Of The Spirited Child: Traits that high need babies may exhibit as they become toddlers, preschoolers and beyond.

The Fussy Baby Survival Guide – eBook: A culmination of everything I’ve learned after running The Fussy Baby Site for 10+ years. Practical strategies for parenting a high need baby, birth to 5.

Sleep Training & High Need Babies – eBook: Can you actually sleep train a high need baby? This eBook walks you through everything you need to know to make a decision for your family.

Top Products For Fussy Babies [Survey Results]: Results of a survey I did of over 900 parents of fussy and high need babies. See how 54 of the top-rated products faired when it came to soothing our intense little ones.


Final Step: Adjust your expectations

When you can somehow stop comparing your child to all those “easy” kids out there, magical things start to happen. You stop beating yourself up, you let go of what you thought being a parent would be like, and you start to appreciate what’s right in front of you: a sensitive, passionate and amazing little kid. Sure, life is exhausting right now, but I promise, it will all be worth it. All those traits that make your child so draining right now will start to become all his BEST traits…and all the crying and sleepless nights will be a memory.

And until then, we’re here for you!