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6 Sleep Tips for High Need Babies & Toddlers (Free eBook)

Sleep Tips for High Need Babies
Thank you for your interest in downloading my free eBook, 6 Sleep Tips for High Need Babies & Toddlers. This 27-page PDF guide will walk you through 6 of the top tips and strategies I recommend for high need babies and toddlers, both for naps and for nighttime sleep.

Some of what you’ll find in the book includes:

  • The dreaded 20-45 minute nap (and what you can do about it)
  • How understanding your baby’s biological rhythms and sleep cues can help them fall asleep easier (and stay asleep!)
  • Strategies for newborns and older babies and toddlers
  • The #1 key to good sleep for high need kids (it’s common sense, but I think many of us miss it!)

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eBook cover image courtesy of rahego under CC 2.0

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Feeling overwhelmed and defeated by your fussy, demanding baby or toddler?

It's common to feel confused and isolated when parenting a high need child. If you're at the end of the rope with your child's sleep, crying or fussiness, we've got something just for you.