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50+ Best Toys & Products for Spirited Kids, 0-5: Christmas Gift Guide

Wondering what to buy the child who has it all…and yet plays with NOTHING? High need babies and spirited toddlers/preschoolers often aren’t great at soothing and entertaining themselves. This

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7 Moms Tested Colic Gone for Reflux & Colic | Our Review

I get a ton of requests to do product reviews on the blog….at least a few each week. And yet I only do 3-4 each year. This is because I’m only interested in reviewing products that are extremely

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5 Ways To Keep a High Need Baby or Toddler Entertained

High need babies and toddlers tend to suck at entertaining themselves. While other kids are content to sit in a bouncy seat looking around, or can sometimes play happily with toys on their own, these things

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Why I Now Recommend the Graco DreamGlider Swing & Sleeper

  If you’ve been around this site for a while, you’ll probably know that the #1 swing I have always recommended is the Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing. When Sammy was small enough

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Our Review of the Sleepy Stroll

Please note: While we were compensated for writing this post, the words and opinions noted below are 100% our own. We do not accept payment nor publish review posts if our panel of reviewers gives a product

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Top Products For Fussy Babies [Survey Results]

It’s been estimated that parents spend around $12,000 on baby-related expenses during a child’s first year. Of course, a large chunk of that amount includes formula, diapers and an allotment

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10 Innovative New Products For Fussy Babies

I’m super excited about this post!!! I’m regularly asked which products I recommend for fussy, colicky and high need babies and toddlers. As you may have noticed, there are many products that

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Merry Christmas to Us!!! Rock ‘n Play Has Gone Automated

Someone on our Facebook group shared this today with the caption: Oh Joy to the World! 🙂 I couldn’t wait to share it with you. This is perhaps the most popular product used around these parts

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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Colicky Babies

When you have a baby with colic, you’re desperate to try anything to help soothe her into comfort. It can feel very defeating when you try to calm your baby and nothing works. Babies with colic

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7 Great Products for High Need Babies

When Sammy was a baby, I tried all sorts of products that promised to help him sleep, calm him down or keep him entertained. But guess what? I discovered that the products recommended in baby books and

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