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What to Do About Sibling Fighting

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages about sibling fighting and sibling rivalry. Almost without fail, the scenario goes something like this: Older brother or sister (usually

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How to be a Good Facebook Group Member (and Online Citizen)

Already know how to be a good person? Ya, do that. I’ve been running online communities for a lot of years. In that time, I’ve learned and noticed some things about how to be a good “online

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Dealing with Defiance in Your Spirited Toddler or Preschooler

Defiance in toddlers and preschoolers may be normal, but that doesn’t it make it fun or easy! And when you have a spirited or strong-willed child, the defiance may be more frequent and more

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The Fussy Baby Site Goes to Facebook HQ!

Over the past 10 years, Facebook has been a huge asset for The Fussy Baby Site. Our Facebook groups now support almost 40,000 parents of fussy, colicky and high need babies and toddlers. I don’t

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Stop Crying, Calm Down, and Other Things We Tell Our High Need Kids

“Why won’t you stop crying already!” “Why are you crying…there’s nothing wrong” “Don’t make such a fuss about such a little thing…sheesh” “Calm

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How to Distract a High Need Baby or Toddler

Here’s the thing about high need kids: from the time they’re little babies, they tend to get 100% focused in on what they want (or don’t want). As infants, they’ll cry and

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50 Secrets To Parenting A Spirited Child

Kids don’t come with instructions, obviously. But with high need or spirited kids, we REALLY need them. You’ve likely already discovered that the usual strategies and techniques that work

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What’s The Best Parenting Style For High Need Kids?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if there’s one “right” approach or style when it comes to parenting a high need child? Certain books tell us that these kids need a strict, firm

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How Do I Deal With My Spirited Child’s Tantrums?

You’ve probably already figured out that parenting a spirited toddler or preschooler is MUCH different than parenting a more easygoing kid. All those strategies that you see working with other kids

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30 Hacks To Keep Your Baby Or Toddler Entertained (For More Than 5 Minutes)

I’ll admit it: when my kids were little, I found myself OUT OF MY MIND BORED about 50% of the time. I was always happy when we had actual things we needed to get done – things like eating,

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