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The Fussy Baby Site is a support and resource site for parents of fussy, colicky and high need babies and toddlers.

I started the site in 2007 when my son was just 5 months old. He cried constantly, and we had no idea what was wrong with him.

The constant screaming was draining and exhausting for us, and for him.

When we looked online for information and support, we found there was no single, reliable source for research-based information and peer support.

That’s when I started The Fussy Baby Site (formerly

Many of the articles on this site are contributed by experts in the field.

Our blog posts are written from a more personal perspective, either by myself or other parents.

If you’d like to connect with other parents, please join our Facebook page. It’s so much more than a ‘fan page; It’s a place where you can ask and answer questions, vent, or come for support.

Thanks for visiting The Fussy Baby Site. I sincerely hope you find the information and support you need.

Holly Klaassen

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