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Affiliate Policy

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Promoting products through affiliate programs is one way online content-providers can make money to support the work they do.

As this site is informational in nature, I like to endorse products that supplement the information I provide.

I am selective about the products I endorse. If I would not buy it myself, then it doesn’t appear on my site. If I test a product and find it would not be helpful for parents, I will not include it on the site. Promoting an ineffective or substandard product would hurt the reputation of the site I have poured myself into over the past 4.5 years. So I do not do it!

There is never any pressure to buy anything promoted on the site. However I do hope you find something that will help you soothe your fussy baby.

If you should try a product promoted on the site and find that it does not live up to it’s claims, I want to know. Please send me an email and let me know.


Holly Klaassen has been running The Fussy Baby Site since 2007. Inspired to start the site after giving birth to her second child, the site aims to provide support and information to parents of fussy, colicky, high need or 'spirited' babies and kids. The main message of this site? You are not alone! When Holly isn't writing for The Fussy Baby Site, she can be found writing for other businesses on topics related to digital marketing, social media, business, and of course, parenting.

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