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Picky Eater

We have an extremely picky eater on our hands! Our 10 month old has a few favorite solid foods, and will not deviate from those. When we try to give her anything even remotely healthy (particularly veggies),

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Non-Dairy Diet and Breastfeeding

If you’re breastfeeding and are facing the prospect of starting a non-dairy diet due to your baby’s fussiness, you are not alone. I know firsthand some of the thoughts that come with learning

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Feeding a Baby with Reflux

My 4 week old baby seems to have a hard time feeding. He often cries during feeding (both breast and bottle). He gets very squirmy, arches his back, and screams. He also tends to spit up quite a lot after

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Milk Allergy or Sensitivity

Milk Allergies and Sensitivities in Babies Many babies who fuss or cry throughout the day are suspected of reacting to something the mom is eating or the milk protein in their formula. There is often confusion

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The Gastrocolic Reflex

*Note: The section below refers to the Gastrocolic Reflex, not reflux The gastrocolic reflex is the reflex that is triggered when we eat, which stimulates the colon to start emptying itself to make room

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