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“Why are You So Tired?”: Here’s Why New Moms Are Walking Zombies

Do your friends ever ask you why you’re so tired all the time, or why you can’t hang out like you used to, or why you just can’t seem to get basic stuff (like showering) done with a new baby?

There can be this idea that you spend your days cuddling your sleeping baby, listening to him coo and just basking in the glory of being a new parent.

While it’s frustrating when friends and family members are under this illusion, it’s downright infuriating when your partner doesn’t get it.

Being a new mom comes with so many responsibilities and worries…especially when your baby cries or fusses a lot.

One of the moms in our private Facebook support group recently posted a comparison chart of “old school new dad responsibilities” versus “old school new mom responsibilities”.

Fortunately, many dads are more involved than ever before – so this isn’t meant as a slam against men.

But if your partner just doesn’t get why:

  • You’re so tired all the time
  • The house is a mess even when you’ve been home all day
  • You have zero desire for sex or cuddling
  • You’re constantly frazzled, with your mind always somewhere else
  • You’re in sweats most of the time…

Feel free to forward this list to them!