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20 Genius Baby Hacks to Make Your Life Simpler

I have to admit I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time lately reading ‘hacks’: tips or tricks to make life easier (or at least more fun).

I know my husband has LOVED hearing how to pull out a sliver using baking soda, use bread clips to organize power cords, and how to microwave leftovers for even heat distribution.

But what’s missing from the web? Hacks to help us help our fussy babies with eating, sleeping, crying and all the other fun stuff we get to deal with on a daily basis.

Some of these hacks are geared towards newborns, others to slightly older kids. But hopefully you’ll find a few parenting hacks below that will make your life a little simpler, no matter your child’s age!

1. Problem: Not sure if baby is hungry.


baby sleep cues

Source: Women and Newborn Health Services

2.  Problem: Pretty sure baby is teething, but not sure where to put the oragel.


baby tooth arrival chart

Source: Indiana State Department of Health

3.  Problem: Toddler keeps grabbing the wii remote from daddy, and cries when he doesn’t get it.



toddler video game hack

Source: Cheezburger

 4. Problem: Baby is teething, but the usual tricks don’t work.

Hack: Put a little bit of apple sauce in the middle of a cloth, roll it up, and freeze it. Let baby suck to her heart’s content!

 Source: HowDoesShe

5. Problem: Baby or toddler is cranky, and you’re not sure if it’s because of lack of sleep.

Hack: Baby/toddler sleep requirement chart (based on Weissbluth’s Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child).

baby sleep requirement chart

Source: Baby Center 


6. Problem: Toddler or preschooler won’t. eat. anything.

Hack: Put sprinkles on pretty much everything!

sprinkles picky eaters


7. Problem: Baby won’t take antibiotics, gripe water or medication.



give medicine to fussy baby with soother


8. Toddler is fussy and bored and driving you CRAZY.


woven wrap hammock

Source: Joyful Abode


9. Problem: Baby is fussy and you suspect it’s gas.


baby massage chart

Source: Mommy Outside the Box

10. Problem: Your toddler still won’t. eat. anything. (and you’re running out of ideas).


Picky toddler food ideas

Source: Lovely Little Snippets

11. Baby is fussy and you’ve tried everything.

Hack: Try baby accupressure!

accupressure fussy baby

Source: Corcell 

12. Problem: Baby is STILL teething, and nothing is STILL working.

Hack: The Molar Muncher soothes the entire gum line at one time.

molar muncher

Get one here

13. Problem: Your Miracle Blanket is in the wash, and you’re forced to use a regular blanket to swaddle.

Hack: Step-by-step swaddling instructions.


swaddling info graphic

Source: DIY Father 

14. Problem: Your older toddler or preschooler wakes up too freaking early.

Hack: A children’s alarm clock: When the moon’s out, don’t get out of bed!

OK to wake clock

Get one here.


15. Baby has a majorly poopy diaper and you don’t want to pull the onesie over his head.

Hack: That’s what lap neck onesies and tee’s are for! Pull the onesie off by bringing the neck down around the shoulders, instead of pulling the shirt over baby’s head.

Source: Babble


16. Problem: Baby wakes often.

Hack: Try ‘The Pause’, a technique frequently used by parents in France. Rather than responding immediately to baby’s cry, give her a moment to see if she can settle back to sleep on her own (or to see if she’s even perhaps just whimpering in her sleep).

Source: Dirty Diaper Chic


17: Problem: Baby’s asleep in his crib (for now), and you want to make sure you hear him if (when) he cries.

Hack: Get the Baby Monitor app for your smartphone. Will even send you a text message or phone call when your little one wakes!

Baby monitor app

Source: Baby Monitor App on Google Play

18. Problem: Yes, baby is still teething.

Hack: Freeze the nipple of a pacifier in an ice-cube tray filled with formula, breastmilk or water to make a ‘momsicle’.


Directions at Mother 2 Mother

19. Problem: Spit-up or puke on your couch.


1. Clean up the worst of the mess

2. Make a paste of baking soda and water

3. Spread generously on stain

4. Allow to dry overnight

5. Vacuum it up!

getting puke off furniture

Source: Pinterest

20. Problem: Baby screams bloody murder when you wash her hair.

Hack: User a baby shower cap.

baby shower cap hatsGet one here

What do you think? Are you going to implement any of these hacks?

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