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The High Need Baby Fact Sheet

High need baby fact sheetI frequently hear from parents of high need babies who say their family and friends just don’t understand. They’re often told things like:

“High need”? Ha! All babies have needs!

If you would just change your parenting style, she wouldn’t be so needy.

You’re imagining/exaggerating how hard he is.

If you have a high need baby, you KNOW these things aren’t true! But it isn’t always so easy to convince others of this fact.

The High Need Baby Fact Sheet has been designed to cover the basics of high needs babies. Whether it’s for you or for a friend/grandparent/teacher, it covers all the basic facts about these sensitive, intense kids, including:

  • What are the characteristics of a high need baby?
  • Is there actual research that shows these babies exist?
  • Is there something wrong with these babies?
  • How can friends and family help?
  • What are some other helpful resources?

Please feel free to email or print this sheet and distribute it however you like!

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